What is so special about a Professional Translator?

A professional translator is not only someone who gets money for translating something.

A professional translator masters his working languages exceptionally well. He or she prooves to have an instinctive feel for these languages. He recognizes subtlety, cultural and technical differences and knows how to handle linguistic nuances. And he always searches for the bigger picture.

  • As professional translator I think outside the box and read between the lines.
  • As professional translator I use professionally tools: I take advantage of translation memories and terminology management to create and secure my very own treasure of words. A word pool like this cannot be found in any thesaurus or dictionary  or with any translation computer. This is why I maintain it like a real treasure.
  • As professional translator confidentiality and adherence to delivery dates are of extreme importance to me. However, I prefer language quality to hasty deliveries and I always advise my clients to consider this perspective.
  • As professional translator my methods of research are very thorough and I do not hesitate to contact clients or authorized experts in case of persisting issues.
  • As professional translator I put all my heart and mind into my work - topped with passion for detail.